FBPTA Industry Day at NFM&T - Baltimore, MD

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As a facility management professional working for the federal government we know how important continuing education is to you and your teams.  Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) has assisted GSA in developing a robust resource platform of carefully vetted educational offerings which comply with the competency requirements of the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA).  To highlight the FMI FBPTA  program and  for individuals to learn more about how to  meet the training needs for the future please join us at the Facility Management Institute FBPTA Industry Day.


This premiere event will give you the necessary awareness of the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA), how it will affect you, your training offerings, and your employees.  During the day you can hear from the National Program Manager with the General Services Administration, responsible for the implementation of the FBPTA, about the benefits of mapping your education individual development plan to the FBPTA competencies.  Join recognized experts in the field of facility management to identify how they can support your FBPTA compliance educational needs.



Who: Federal Facility Management professionals and facility management, energy, and sustainabitlity education providers

Where:  Baltimore, MD in conjunction with the NFM&T Conference

What: Understand the FBPTA and what it means to you as an education provider or consumer

When: March 5th

How to register: visit https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=147&utm_source=GSA&utm_campaign=GSA&utm_medium=GSA

Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 20:00