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2013 FBPTA Core Competencies

This file contains a .pdf version of the 2013 Update of the FBPTA Core Competencies only.  This abridged version of the Competency Model is provided for easier explanation of the knowledge, skills and abilities required of personnel impacted by the FBPTA.

Public Comments Received - 2013 Update

Attached are the log of comments received and responses given by GSA on the 2013 Annual Update.

Seeking Topics for an FMI Community of Practice

The Facility Management Institute will launch a Community of Practice in June of 2014 and is seeking suggestions for topics to discuss.  Look here for a preliminary list of topics and post your suggestions for additions here

FBPTA Competency Advisory Group

This informal group consists of facilities representatives from the various landholding agencies impacted by the FBPTA.  The Group was formed to help GSA develop, refine and maintain the Core Competencies and to assist agencies in developing plans to implement the requirements of the Act.  Membership in this group is voluntary and will change over time.  Requests to contact individual members should be sent to Brian Gilligan at AskFMI@gsa.gov.

FBPTA Training Resource Review Files

The Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act requires GSA to identify "qualifications" (i.e.